Why John

Spend a lot less money
A lot less Time
Get a much better swimmer

Hosting a Class

Pool Hosting Benefits

One (1) free lesson for your family: tuition is FREE for one (1) family member when there are at least 6 paying students enrolled.Your children learn in their own pool. That is a significant safety benefit for your child.


You help reduce drowning, promote water safety, and contribute to children's development by hosting classes.

Parents sign a general release and liability waiver to protect you. All pool hosts are added to the Swim2John, Inc. general insurance policy.  

Pool Hosting Requirements

You must have a private backyard residential pool. A community pool, apartment pool or HOA pool will NOT work. John provides pool covers to help keep down the cost expense of heating the water.You must have Gas or Electric Heater and can ensure 90 degree pool temp. (Note: Solar heat to supplement gas or electric heaters is an added benefit. Solar heating alone will not work.)

Host pays the heating cost, normally less than $200, and John provides pool covers to help keep this expense down.Your pool must have a shallow area (3-3 1/2 feet deep).

To HOST a class,  email John@ Swim2John.com and he will contact you. If you have any questions please call John at: (858)444-6092.